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Să oferim tuturor şansa de a-şi crea propria aplicaţie pentru telefoanele mobile în doar câteva minute!

Appy se trage din bucuria(Happy) de a dezvolta aplicaţii(Apps) pentru telefoanele mobile. Ne-am propus să dezvoltăm o platformă unică care să permită oricui să își dezvolte o aplicație nativă atât pentru Android cât și pentru iOS.

Unică prin flexibilitate, viteză de execuție și promovare integrată.

Servicii oferite

Apps and custom software are not luxuries anymore. We believes most of all in flexibility: pricing flexibility and feature flexibility. Native iOS or Android apps, fast, upgradable and customizable - tell what you want and you can have your app or your software in less than a month.

Our team - individually and as a group - accumulated expertise to bring affordable, well-made mobile solutions that are tailored to the needs of customers and take into account the dynamic nature of the online markets.

We have built all sorts of websites: from presentation to event websites, from ecommerce to non-profit websites, from community to personal websites. We found out that for most small to medium businesses a good website means common sense features likes this: simple to navigate; low maintenance; device friendly - be it for desktops, smartphones or tablets; easy to monitor by the owner, etc.

This is why websites built by us are all that. If you send us all the details and information we need - the website is ready within three weeks.

When it comes to SEO services this is master principle: We don’t do magic, we do hard work.

If you want unfailing growth month after month, conformity to the ever changing requirements of the search engines or social networks and a multiplication of your traffic volume by the end of the year - give us week and we will send you a detailed report with clear goals and targets backed by firm commitments.

Getting a good, consistent design means taking into account utility and aesthetics. We design services are part of our integrated approach that knits together web programming, branding, SEO and digital marketing services. We do it the right way from the beginning.

Show us some examples of things you like and let us sketch for a day or two; afterwards we will show what we thought of. If you like that - it gets done by the third day.

Sună la +40 728 858 989

și proiectul tău va fi gata în doar câteva zile.

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